Monday, August 16, 2010

An Apology

I have to apologize, right now, for being a bad travel-blogger.  Finding the time to write has been tricky; I never know when I will have power, or internet (right now, I have both, luckily) and while I have been trying to keep people up to date, it's not always the easiest thing in the world.  For now, I can tell you where I've been, since the jamboree, and maybe some pictures?  I will write with more content soon, but for now, this will have to do.

First, there was a Jamboree.


From the Jamboree (in Roermond, the Netherlands) We got a ride to Winterthur, Switzerland.


And then we went to Nesslau, with some friends.  We stayed there over the weekend.

sibling rivalry

From Nesslau, we went to Geneva (via a complicated route that makes me seriously appreciate that Swiss trains are ALWAYS on time)

In Geneva, we bought EuRail passes.  And then it gets interesting.  Since we got the passes, we've been spending a day at a time in various cities, and taking night trains to get to the next potentially interesting destination.

So.  From Geneva (we spent the day there, and it was lovely) to Hamburg overnight.  Instead of staying in Hamburg, though, we jumped on another train, to Copenhagen.

From Copenhagen (where we did not have enough time, but that's life) we went to Stockholm.  Also pretty, but by this point, the kr (the krone, be it Danish, Swedish, or Norwegian, and they're ALL different) was starting to feel awfully expensive (or maybe it was just Stockholm?)

So.  From Stockholm, to Oslo (it was that, or Finland, and we weren't sure how to get back from Finland easily) where it was pouring rain and the locals were... not unfriendly, but not particularly welcoming, either. It got nice about an hour before we left.

From Oslo, we went back through Copenhagen to Hamburg.  We stayed in Hamburg this time, for a bit.  Took enough pictures to kill my camera battery...
Hamburg Hbf

From Hamburg, we went (the long, complicated, mostly sleepless way) to Paris.  Where, once again, it was pouring rain. I borrowed the baby camera and got some interesting pictures of Paris in the rain.  No time to grab them yet, though.

Today, we are in Nice.  Where it is such a far cry from yesterday that it's nuts.  It's 30° and there are palm trees.  It's very strange.  And very Mediterranean.  Tomorrow, we get to Strasboug, and from there...  well, it depends on what the ticketing agent says :)

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