Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Getting along

Well, I'm almost there.

Actually, that's patently untrue.  I am not ready.  Or at least, I don't feel ready.  It's one of those Willy Wonka moments; so much to do, so little time (so of course, I'm writing a blog post.  Duh...)  I have a list on the wall in my apartment right now, of all the things I need to to to be ready.  It's complicated by the fact that I'm also packing up my entire life and putting it into storage, so there's a lot of sorting and making piles, of things to go to other (better) homes, and things that belog to other people, and things that I would like to keep.  I am packing everything into plastic bins.  I'm not a fan of cardboard.  The problem I've been running into is the lack of ease in keeping the weight down when packing.  It seems that I only have so many light, bulky, squashy things.

In any case, I've asked people to help me move things on Friday morning, so I suppose I'd best be ready by then.  I think the packing will be finished, or at least I hope it will be, and then all I have to do is clean.  There's a lot of that, too, but it seems less daunting than the packing part.  Somehow.  For whatever reason.  I'm not going to question it, I don't think.  It's just easier that way.  And maybe I can convince people to help me with that part, too.  You never know.

I'm probably not going to get a lot of sleep between here and Dublin.  Just a guess. 

I'm very much experiencing zugunruhe.  (I love that word.  So... concise.  It's German, and generally used for behavior in migratory birds, but applies here, too.  It means "unrest before a journey" which pretty much sums up my life.  I'm restless, and a little bit unable to settle to any given task.  It's not ADHD bad, yet, but it means I'm awake late, and then awake early, too)